1300 Calories Plan: Day 1 of 90

Date: March 7, 2011. Day 1 of 90

When I was in college, I was considered thin, bonny from the physical appearance. Right after I got married in 1991 to TC, my sweetheart, my weight moved from 90 lb to 100 lb. OK, still skinny in most American standards as 5’4″ Chinese female. After gave birth to my daughter in 1996, my weight maintained the same up until 2007 as 110 lb. I retired in 2003, started my second business, therefore the working activities were not the same as before. So, from 2007 until now March 8, 2011, my weight has been up to 126 lb. Honestly, I felt healthy, I eat healthy somehow, I felt not motivated anymore. I don’t know why.

As I watch Dr. Aman’s Aman Solutions at PBS over the weekend, I realized that my brain perhaps was not as sharp as before. I’ve kept a daily exercise routine since 1991, so I know that was not the issue. So I’ve decided to do something different about my in-take on food. My goal is to get my weight down to 110 lb by June 5, 2011, a 90-day plan.

I went into Aman Solutions website and calculated based on my height, and moderate activities I can live with just 1300 calories daily menu. Then I just Google what does 1300 calories menu looks like. Well, not much.  Here is the chart:

1300 Calories Daily Menu Plan

1300 Calories Daily Menu Plan

I eat pretty healthy, just the portion was too much base on the calories standard. So, I started follow this plan on March 7, 2011 3:15 pm. My first 15 almond snack, boy, I was so hungry, I force myself to eat very slow with water. I roasted these almond months ago with no salt, so I love them. Almond and peanuts are my snack, I like to roast them myself so I know there is no other ingredient like salt or honey. But only 15, I was determined that I can live with 15 for a afternoon snack. I used to munch at least 4 times of that amount.

At the dinner time 5:15 pm, TC cooked up his fried rice special, I have to be strict about my plan. So I ate only 1 bow which is about 1 cup, not exactly as the 1300 daily menu, but similar substitute. Then at 8:15 pm, I ate fruit instead of 10 almond. The fruit was one third of orange and one third of Asian pear. You see, this kills me, I love fruits…

I have to admit, I was very hungry by 9 pm, so much that I want to eat something. TC was not helping at all. He was eating beef jerky, instead of joining him, I told him, “you can only have 2 pieces a day.” I then put away the beef jerky bag. I went to sleep at 10:30 pm! Great success, for half day 1.

On March 8, 2011, 5:15 am, I decided to write down my daily exercise routine and see how much calories and fat that I am burning. Here is my routine starts at 5:15 am:

  • 15 Min. treadmill of fast walking and jogging on 0.80 mile in 3.2 speed, that translate to burning 100 calories and 33 fat. Remember, these are my daily routine since 1991.
  • 20-min. Yoga, given the fact above, I am assuming, it’s at least 100 calories burned. I have my own set of Yoga poses daily, it is actually much more intense than the jogging.
  • 8-min. chanting of ancient Chinese sand scripts.
  • The entire 43-min. is my meditation too.

This was the first time I ever keep track of my daily exercise routine.

Well, into my Day 2 of 90 meal, I had a cup of 2% milk at 5:10 am or so, well, I have to finish what I had in the refrigerator, I’ll get the 1% milk this weekend. I am planning to have one soy sauce and sugar coated boil egg at 8 am.

Stay tune…


About Chia-Li Chien, PhD candidate, CFP®, PMP®

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