Spring Seeding

March 13, 2011

It’s that time again! TC is busy getting the soil ready from his own compose as well as seeding process. Of course, everything from TC’s garden is organic. He use detergent water to spray the plants occasionally. His entire eco system in our yard has plenty of frogs, lady bugs, spiders, all nature way of the pesticide.

Here are the list of seeding:

空心菜 (Convolvulaceae), in the past TC can have up to 3 times harvest starting in June. Instead of cut down the whole, he usually just cut the leaves portion and let the plant continue to grow through out summer. Although it will get a bit tougher toward the last harvest.

TC's 空心菜 Seeding bed in a used Sushi Box

TC's 空心菜 Seeding bed in a used Sushi Box

Here is a picture of this year’s seeding. He put the seeds he collected from last year, place them in the used Sushi box filled with thin layer of worm bedding which is shredded unleaded newspaper.  The pictured showed here is about 2-week process. Once is ready, he’ll move them to a cup with potting soil.

TC's Silk Squash Harvesting in Summer 2010

TC's Silk Squash Harvesting in Summer 2010

絲瓜 Silk Squash: They are typically right above the fish pond so there are enough humility to cultivate the weather in Taiwan. It needs plenty of water, which is very hard in North Carolina. In the the past 3 to 4 years, it has been a drought and TC designed a rain collecting system outside of the house. Using collective rain water and fish pond water, you still need to water from time to time.

TC's 絲瓜 Seeding Box

TC's 絲瓜 Seeding Box

The harvest season is late August and early September. They grow much longer compare to other type of Chinese vegetable. The picture here shows he placed the last years seeds in web paper towel in a rubber mad box. Once it starts sprouting, he’ll move into the worm bedding box before move them into cups.

Tomato, every American family who plants have tomato. One of my favorite plant, there is very little work and can produce a lot and I always like to freeze the home made sauce and save it for winter cooking. TC usually plant the tomato in our front garden which gets most the sun (it faces South). He also have cherry tomato in the back yard. They seem to grow on their own, although, they do that year after year. The quality does not seem to be as good as the one he seeded from the commercial bag.

It’s fun to watch these seeds or young plants in the incubator. With proper lighting, water, right soil mix, it will be fruitful harvest during summer.


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