Summer 2011 planning started in Dec. 2010

March 12, 2011

Each year, Dr. Yen and I plan her summer at the end of the year. Well, for Summer 2011, there is no difference. I first registered her for Girl Scout summer camp in Dec. 2010. This year, she will be in Counselor In Training (CIT) II program. CIT is a combination of play and leadership training. Last year, Jackie and Kelly from her troop went with her. This year, only Kelly is returning with her. It’s a great leadership training for girls. This year, she’ll be at the camp for 3 weeks starting June 12 and ends July 3, 2011. She will go right after school break begins.

She has been to Girl Scout camp since 4th grade and University summer camp. With no exception, she will be back to University summer camp this year. She will be at University summer camp for only two weeks this year. Last year she was invited to be CIT at this University and she applied to be a counselor this year. She will be at the University summer camp for two weeks this year:

High-tech IT. They’re designed for rising grades 11 and 12. The camp schedule is from 7/25 to 7/29

Engineering Design and Advanced Autonomous Robotic Vehicles. They are designed for rising grades 11 and 12. This camp starts from 8/1 to 8/5

Late last year, she received an invitation from LeadAmerica to attend summer camp at other universities. After careful research, we decided it was not the best camp for her. Just this week, she received another invitation from National Youth Leadership Forum to attend a medical summer camp. She actually was excited to told me that she wants to go. So we selected to have her attend the medical summer camp from July 10 to July 19.

After putting down all the dates on Dr. Yen’s calendar. Well, she is going to have a GREAT time and full schedules outside of home for the entire summer! She has no time to be the counselor at our local university here. Perhaps next year.

We certain make lots of investment for Dr. Yen. Weather she attend Veterinarian or Medical school, we certainly doing everything we can to help her. What a lucky girl she is!


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