1300 Calories Plan: Day 7 of 90

March 13, 2011 | Goal 110 lb. by June 5, 2011

TC's Homemade Tempura Udon Noodle Soup

TC's Homemade Tempura Udon Noodle Soup

Day light saving is today, we lose one hour sleep, I hate that. We used to do a lot of hiking on Sunday, unfortunately, Dr. Yen has Chinese Sunday school. I have to drive around 9:20 am and arrive at school at 10 am. Then pick her up at 11:45 am sharp. She does not want to wait at all. When TC is picking her up, he is usually late.

Dr. Yen is in 10th grade in high school, but this Chinese school, she is only 2nd grade. She has been in 2nd grade since we moved here in 2004. Such a slow progress….Well we believe she is improving. How much can one child get in one hour and thirty min. instruction of foreign language. She speaks in Chinese and only recognize few Chinese words.

What a disaster! We always go to Costco after picking her up, it’s near by the school.  I sampled many small bites.  I don’t even know how much calories, well, best guess in Costco was about 450.

Here is today’s menu with Daily Calories of 1283:


  • 5:10 am 1 cup 2% milk    0
  • 1/8 Cup    Mogami 8-Blend Whole Wheat Grain Rice – Congie 200% diluted w/ water – soupy no taste    80
  • 8    Fried Gluten w Peanuts    65


  • 1        Plum     35


  • Disaster at Costco to sample many small bites, don’t know the calories so guess 450


  • 1 cup of strawberry 45


  • 8    Shell On Shrimp (Stir fly w/ Garlic, salt and black pepper)    140
  • 1/2 Cup    Lamb 240
  • 1 Cup     spinach 30
  • 1 Cup Chinese Cabbage 40
  • 15    Grapes    53
  • Snack    1  cup of strawberry 45

I’ve boiled up some eggs for next week’s breakfast and bought some avocado. This will be the first time I have boil egg and avocado as breakfast combination. It’ll be fun.

I had small portion of 甜不辣Tenpura; a fish cake; in TC’s famous Miso Tempura UDO Noodle soup. Since I ate the leftover from yesterday, so I just had small portion of this. We bought it today at the Korean Supermarket which was locally made freshly fried. 2/3 Cup is 201 calories. Although it’s fried, you boil them in the noodle soup which is not too bad. We LOVE this special soup from TC.


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