1300 Calories Plan: Day 28 of 90

April 3, 2011 | Goal 110 lb. by June 5, 2011

What a busy day, driving Dr. Yen to Chinese school, shopping, making meals for next week. Yesterday I made black beans with onion, pepper and simmer it thick enough to eat it with the salad. It’s easy to make and did not take much time. It is delicious, of course I added some Italian spice just to favor it. I can see how to make black beans next time.

I cooked up meat ball spaghetti sauce, except using lean turkey. It taste great!! TC thinks it’s too blend, but I thought it’s perfect. Dr. Yen believed beef taste better. Oh well, the whole pot for 4 is only 1000 calories, you can’t beat that.

Today’s Menu Daily Calories            831

1/8 Cup    Mogami 8-Blend Whole Wheet Grain Rice – Congie 200% diluted w/ water – soupy no taste    160
8    Fried Gluten w Peanuts    65
Lunch    1 Cup    Black Bean, onion, red peper    100
1 Cup    French String Beans w/ Garlic    50
Snack    1    Kiwi    45
Dinner    1    Chicken Drum (stew)    150
3 Cups    Romain, onion, garlic (stir fly)    60
1    Plum    35
Snack    1    Orange    60
30    15 Almonds    106


About Chia-Li Chien, PhD candidate, CFP®, PMP®

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