1300 Calories Plan: Day 45 of 90

April 20, 2011 | Goal 110 lb. by June 5, 2011
50% timeframe and 75% goal achieved (weighted 04/20)

Exactly 50% of my time frame,I weight in this morning and I’m at 114 lb, which is 75% achieved! Great job, 4 more lb. to go. Although I am on my 7th week. The best thing over the 6 weeks period is to find out how to get the right portion, and type of fruits, vegetable to combine in the meal. Once I get into the routine of the food, it becomes very easy.

I cooked the Garbanzo Beans with onion, carrots, pepper, celery and it is very sweet and delicious. Out of all three beans I tried so far, Garbanzo is far the best as for taste and easy to prepare. I love it!

I cut the yogurt to 1/2 cup today even though it is low fat, plain. I want to have more nuts at night. I don’t like yogurt cold, so as soon as I wake up, I have them out. I then add kiwi into the cup. Oh well, I forgot to eat them until close to 11 am or so. It taste like old milk or close to cheese. Next time, don’t leave it out too long and don’t eat with kiwi. The taste was not good.

For the vegetable today, I cut up zucchini or green squash with carrots. Well, in Chinese cooking I rarely use the zucchini so it will be interesting. I added Italian spice, salt and black pepper for seasoning and just let it steam in Chinese steam cooker. Easy and convenience.

Today’s menu Daily Calories            867

Breakfast    1 Cup    5:10 am 1 cup Skim Milk    80
1/2 Cup    Plan Low Fat yogurt     50
1-Jan    Kiwi    45
1        Boil Egg    80
Snack        Grapes    53
Lunch    1 Cup    Garbanzo Beans    97
1 Cup    SQUASH/Carrots, SUMMER, Steam, DRAIND    40
Dinner    1 Cup    Tuna Salad    216
1 Cup    SQUASH/Carrots, SUMMER, Steam, DRAIND    40

Snack    1    Orange    60
15    Almonds    106


About Chia-Li Chien, PhD candidate, CFP®, PMP®

Chia-Li Chien, PhD candidate, CFP®, PMP®; Chia-Li “like JOLLY,” Succession Strategist of Value Growth Institute, dedicated to helping private business owners increase their company equity value. She is the award-winning author of the books Show Me The Money and Work toward Reward. Chia-Li is an Instructor & CFP® Program Director at Ball State University and Adjunct Faculty of the American Management Association. Her blog and newsletter were named a Top Small Business Resource by the New York Times You’re the Boss blog. Schedule your appointment today! http://valuegrowthinstitute.com/index.php/Sch-Appointment
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