Places to eat while in Maryland

Chia-Li Chien revised Jan. 7, 2012

Our favorite Crab Cake at  Faidley Seafood World Famous Lexington Market. 203 North Paca Baltimore, Maryland 21201. It is all lump of crabs, mixed with mayo, muster, bread, fried then microwave heated cake. It’s from the heavy if you have not taste it. If you like crab, you don’t want to miss this when visiting Baltimore, Maryland. It’s about $13 or so of the all lump, but it’s worth it. I know it’s about 200 or so calories.

If you’re in Rockville, MD area. This Taiwanese restaurant has some of our favorite. Jumbo Jumbo Bubble Express 765 E. Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852. The Taiwanese fried chicken nuggets top with spice and Taiwanese basil is something you don’t want to miss. On their menu item, check out A1 or T3 (comes with rice). Other items you’ll like includes fried Tofu (A4), fried squid balls (A6), beef with Sha Cha sauce on rice (T10).

Bread Corner has many traditional Taiwanese delights, must visit this small place. 591 Hungerford Dr. Rockville, MD 20850. Highly recommend must items are (see complete menu):

  • Red Bean / Egg Yolk 紅豆蛋黃酥
  • Pineapple / Egg Yolk 鳳梨蛋黃酥
  • (Plain) Pineapple Topping 菠蘿包
  • Mochi / Taro Paste 麻薯芋頭
  • Mochi / Red Bean Paste 麻薯紅豆

The best Dim Sum place is Oriental East located at 1312 East West Highway, Silver Spring, MD 20910 301-608-0030. You must arrive 10:30 am for 11:00 opening lunch at Friday, Sat. or Sunday. Otherwise, you’ll wait for 90-min for the opening. Here is the dim sum complete menu on page two. What to pick from this great place, well, what you see you like, eat it. Try everything, each dish is a small portion so you don’t want to miss anything!

You don’t leave Maryland without having Hiro Sushi! Hiro Sushi is located at 5268 Nicholson Ln # P, Kensington, MD (White Flint Plaza Shopping Center) (301) 230-9635. You want to have California rolls, eel rolls only. It’s a small place but you’ll enjoy the rolls. Other items I love is yellow-tale raw fish and seaweed salad.

For traditional Taiwanese breakfast, this is the place you must visit. 福顺楼 [Hunan Palace] 9011 Gaither Rd, Gaithersburg, MD 20877. 301-977-8600. From Soy bean milk, fried dough, steam buns, etc. It tastes even better than some of the real Taiwanese places in Taiwan.

Traditional Taiwanese noodles at A&J Restaurant 半畝園. This is must visit place. There are two locations:

1319 C Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852 301-251-7878

4316 B Markham Street, Annandale, VA 22003 703-813-8181

Traditional Taiwanese breakfast only serves on Sat and Sun from 10 am. Store hours 10:30 am to 9:00 pm.


I don’t personally like any type of buffet, but his seafood buffet is good to visit if you are hungry. Hokkaido Seafood Buffet is located at 5900 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church VA 22041. 703-845-0888. Lunch is only $9.95 is a great deal if you’re looking for good seafood.

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1300 Calories Plan: Day 90 of 90

June 5,2011 | Goal 110 lb. by June 5, 2011
100% timeframe & 87.5% achieved goal

It has been an interesting 90-day program to go through. Today is the last day of the program and I weight in at 112 lb. which is only 87.5% or the goal achieved. I did achieve 110 lb. but gained 2 lb. I remember staying at 113 lb. for few weeks.

Here are couple of important lessons I learned through this process.

  • 6-meal a day to break the potion small and not get too hungry. This is very important so I don’t get too hungry and eat too much.
  • A Daily menu to stick with, the routine now is: non-fat plain yogurt with blueberries; boil egg; lunch with home-make beans and 2-cup vegetables; 3 additional fruit though out the day such as orange, plum, grapes, strawberries; steam salmon or other fish for dinner and vegetables; snack of almond and peanuts.
  • Portion control and know the food in-take.

Although, it’s hard for me to not eat too much nuts, but I love them and got lots of protein.

What’s next?

  • Maintain the weight and follow the daily menu above and exercise routine.

It’ll be interesting to watch what changes in the next 90-day. I like to stay on 112 lb. if that’s what my body tells me to or let’s see if we can actually get it down to 110 lb. For the most part, I look and feel great. Slim does make me feel and think better. Stay tune…

Avocado Plant

Avocado Plant

This is the Avocado seed Dr. Yen saved as I started the diet. Here is the picture I took this morning, see how it has few leafs from the seed. Yes, it took close to 3 months to get to this point. I’m so glad to see this came out!

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